Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yes, I'm still alive...........Thanks for asking:)

Well, after my last post the laptop power connection broke. I hate when that happens! Anyway, it took a while to get it fixed, and I am too lazy to sit at the computer desk for longer than I have to! Then, I finally got it back, and have spent the last couple of weeks catching up with people, and generally just doing nothing much!

Then Cathy asked me about it on dsdownunder, and I finally got the kick up the pants I needed!

The house we were looking at fell through. The place the owners were supposed to be moving to fell through, so they have stayed in their place.

Samara has had a few more colds/bronchiolitis, and had to go on steroids again. We have just got an oxygen saturation monitor off ebay, so now I can see how her levels are when she is sick, or having apneoas. She had quite a few last night where her levels dropped down to around 80%. I considered taking her to the hospital, but the trouble is, once she wakes up she is fine, and we just get sent home.

We don't get in to see the sleep clinic (and I'm just talking initial consultation) until 16 December! So who knows how long it will be before she actually gets a sleep study. I am tempted to take her to the hospital every night that her sats drop below about 85, just to bug them, so maybe they will make it sooner just to get rid of us!!!!

This weekend we are heading up to Kingaroy to Kerrigh's place (Veritee's mum who has been featured here before!). We have to get the container of stuff we have on our friends property in Childers off by the weekend. So now we have to find a container, and ship everything down and put it in a paddock at Kerrighs. I really can't be bothered, but while we are still in this 2.5 bedroom house, we don't really have a choice.

I am getting very distracted at the moment, by a certain 16 year old with Aspergers who is going completely off her rocker. The girls have got the dreaded headlice yet again. They are being treated today, and she doesn't like the way it was being applied!!! So she has been storming through the house punching kicking swearing and screaming. I really don't feel like dealing with her! I was up til 3.30am with Samara's breathing, and then up at 6.30am getting organised before Playgroup.

The playgroup at Woody Point Special School now has a group especially for babies which Samara likes way more than the one with the older kids. She especially likes the bubbles song, and painting. She is getting better and better with her sitting, and trying to stand. But still not interested in crawling or rolling. She is a chatty wee thing, and has learned a few basic signs, and made up some of her own.

In just one week from today it will be Samara's first birthday. And what a year it has been. We are going down to Suttons Beach where we are going to have an Elmo party. I am just waiting for the balloons to arrive from the US, and then we will be set. Michael thinks she will nose-dive into her cake, and he plans on videoing said nose-dive for Funniest Home Videos! Typical male thing to think of LOL.

On the 10th of October (Sara's 18th), Sara, Samara and I are going down to the Gold Coast to meet some of the other dsdownunder families. It should be a great week. We are going to all go to Seaworld, where we are going to have a combined birthday party for Samara, and Armarli and Tori-Shaye (who are both turning 2 around then). I am really looking forward to it. Everyone else isn't showing up til the 11th and 12th, so I thought we might go on one of the short cruises around the bays for Sara's birthday.

Well, that's pretty much all that's been happening here. I'll go have a look on photobucket now for a picture or two to pretty this post up! LOL

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  1. Wow you sound busy. I bet you are looking forward to her birthday...that sounds sound exciting!