Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Paed Visit, FECS, and the Down Syndrome Awareness Poster

Well, Dr Slaughter (yep, that's really his name! - but I figure that a dr with a name like that must be pretty good to still be practising!), has put Samara on the waiting list for a sleep study. It could be a long wait though. In the meantime, he has prescribed Rhinocort for her, in the hopes that it will help. He thinks the problem could be allergy or asthma related, or at least worsened by one of these. Especially since both are in the family.

She had a pretty exhausting afternoon at FECS doing physiotherapy and Speech. But she did have a lot of fun with all the toys! We have been given some exercises to do to try and get her rolling over, and also to push up on her hands when she is on tummy time. We are also starting to encourage her to reach in different directions when she is sitting, rather than just staying in her safe central position.

I have spent a lot of the last couple of weeks doing photos for the Down Syndrome Awareness Week poster. Today, I was at the DSAQ office helping them to do a mock-up poster. We still are waiting for some of the products, and we need to get a nice cloud shot (but it hasn't been cloudy!) for the background. I am also going to play with the photos a bit and try a couple of different layouts, and alternate photos, but this is what we have come up with so far. The one of Samara and Emma (our next door neighbour) were a bit of a challenge. Samara grabbed Emma's foot, and Emma had excema there, so it hurt her. After that, Emma didn't want' to go anywhere near Samara! I was worried that we wouldn't get anything, but with a bit of hardcore patience, we finally came up with a few useable images!
The product shots were interesting. I haven't done products since I did my photography training! But I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out. Some of the products haven't come back from the manufacturer yet, but when they do, they will go down the right hand side. Well, that is if we keep with this layout. I am thinking of turning the 3 in the bottom picture sideways, and making the overall portrait part go across the page, with the products underneath. We are a bit limited though, because the whole thing has had to go before the committee, so we have to stay within certain guidelines.
While I was there, I found out that 2 of their staff are off work with Swine Flu. Also, a friends daughter may have it too. (we have seen them twice this week). I hope Samara doesn't get it. Her breathing problems are scary enough as it is. It doesn't worry me for the rest of us. But I would do anything to keep her from getting it. I am thinking of starting her on Kyolic. Just to give her that little bit of extra protection against it and other colds and flus.
Well, the battery on the laptop is about to go flat, so I'm going to call it a day now.....


  1. I love the poster! Great job on the pics. I'm sorry Samara is having a tough time breathing, but glad she loves therapy. The new house sounds wonderful, btw. I hope it works out.

  2. Thanks Tara.
    I am having problems with one committee member who wants the one of the 3 adults changed. But I'm not sure that I can make it work. Ah, the frustrations of doing freebies for people!