Monday, September 28, 2009

Elmo Cake

I have had a request for some pictures of Samara's birthday party.
She slept for most of it. Possibly she was conserving energy for the cake........

Here are the cake pictures. I will add other party pictures in a separate post.

First up we have the cake. It was a bit of a drama. Elmo looked near perfect when I first made him. But then the Queensland heat got to him. The icing started to melt, and his eyes and nose slid right off his face! Now I really wish I had taken a photo right at the start! Anyway, here is the version that was as repaired as I could manage. The icing had lost a lot of it's volume, so the fur look never did get back to it's original plushness. I guess he was just like a real Elmo toy once a baby has matted his fur!

Samara didn't know quite what to make of this new Elmo when she first saw him....

So she did what she always does when she sees an Elmo. She gave him a hug and a kiss!

Deciding that, while this Elmo didn't talk like most of them do, he could be forgiven. Especially since he tasted so GOOOOOD!

The resulting crime scene was not a pretty sight! CSI would have had a field day!

Fearing a wrongful death suit, Samara thought it might be best if she covered her tracks by eating the evidence.....

But the evidence was speaking for itself. With Elmo "blood" all over her face even AFTER daddy had put her under the beach showers!

So I tried to clean her face, hands, and arms with Wet Wipes.....

When we got home, she had a bath. Yet after these 3 cleaning attempts, she is still a red tinge!

Needless to say, there wasn't a queue waiting to eat what was left of poor Elmo after that.


  1. hilarious! And so, so precious!

  2. OMGoodness... her face in the cake shot is so awesome. This whole post cracked me up. Happy birthday Samara!