Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sometimes I really hate that Samara has DS

Today, Samara starts her 4th day in the hospital. All she has is a regular cold. It's a nasty one - it has knocked the rest of us down a bit. But for Samara, a cold is not just a cold.

Initially, Michael took her to the hospital on Friday evening. When she was sleeping, her oxygen sats were dropping. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of waking her up. She could cope when she was awake, so her levels were at 96% when he got up there. So they sent her home.

Saturday evening she was getting worse. So at 2am Sunday morning, we took her back up to the hospital. Lack of sleep over the last few days has made everything blurr into one. But, they decided to admit her as her O2 levels were dropping, and they needed to suction her and give her a bit of oxygen.

Overnight Sunday night they just had her on 4 hourly obs. Which meant, once every 4 hours, they would come in, half wake her attatching the probe, and write down the highest number they got. Now, as I mentioned before, being awake or disturbed causes Samara's to take deeper breaths, and her oxygen levels rise. So really they are getting a false reading. Anyway, after her not 'needing' oxygen overnight, she was sent home Monday morning.

We left just in time to drive straight to the Royal Childrens for her opthomology appointment. The good news, is her eyes are great!

Anwyay, I digress. She got worse again Monday night, so once again, we headed off to the hospital at 2 in the morning. And once again, they put the probe on her foot, and got a reading of 97%. The triage nurse is one we have had a few times now. She is really lovely, and really listens to us. So when she went to record the 97%, I told her to just wait a minute. And sure enough, as Samara relaxed, her sats dropped to 82%!

Being the lovely lady that she is, this nurse then triaged her at a 1 (the highest priority) and took us straight through to resus. She told the dr 'this mum has 7 kids. She probably knows more about this than you do. Listen to her!' Well, that made all the difference. Samara was admitted with continuous O2 monitoring.

Since then, she has worsened. She is now on constant oxygen, as her levels were dropping even when she was awake. She is completely miserable. They are suctioning her nose before each feed, or she can't breathe enough to drink. Even then, it is a long slow process. She is starting to get dehydrated. She may go onto tube feeds today - we will have to wait and see. Her nose is bleeding due to the repeated suctioning.

Because of our family history of asthma, and because yesterday she developed quite a wheeze, she is now also on ventolin by nebuliser. Yet another contraption to hate having near her face. She fights it all the way. She also keeps pulling out the oxygen probes. And we won't even mention the difficulties when the nurses are trying to stick a suction tube up her nose!!

Michael is staying with her at the hospital. He can sleep through anything. Not me though. I tried to sleep there after she was admitted yesterday morning. But with all the alarms and things, I didn't do any more than drift off for a few minutes at a time. So last night I got my first real sleep since Friday. But my body isn't used to sleep any more. I woke up at 4.45, and here I am typing my blog when I should be catching up on some sleep.

But I can't sleep. I am worried about my little girl. What if she gets worse. Last night she was still going down hill. Is she still? Or is she about to turn the corner and get better? Does she need me there right now? Is she awake and crying for her mummy? Or is she sound asleep? Does Michael even know? Has he slept through her having a bad night? I feel guilty for needing to sleep. I feel guilty because my house looks like a cesspit. I can't believe we had it looking really good on Saturday for a rental inspection. Now, it is just filthy! The girls aren't doing their jobs. They won't even touch the dishes! I am tired. I can't cope with this. If I am up and about, then I need to be at the hospital for my baby, not trying to kick some kiddy butts into doing the basic jobs that need done. The girls are old enough to keep things running for a few days. But it's really a waste of breath trying. I think after this is over, Renata will be moving out to the bus. She just doesn't pull her weight. The others then follow her lead.

On the plus side, I have a good friend, Deb, who has taken Christiana and Mahalia for a few days. She has been onto the girls to do what they are told. And she has also been bringing food up to the hospital for Michael and I. I don't know what we would do without her. We are completely broke (as in, had to borrow all Sara's babysitting money just to buy Samara a tin of formula) this week, so we just would have starved without her help! We just had to fork out $900 for a container and then to ship it, to store our stuff in, that has been living up in Childers since we moved here. The people who's property it was on needed it moved. So really, we had no choice and had to just do it, despite it meaning we would be left with no money. But why now??!!

On Saturday, Sara, Samara and I are supposed to be going down to the Gold Coast for our DSDownunder get together. We are going for 5 nights. I really hope and pray that Samara is well by then! I am just going to cry if she isn't. On the plus side, at least we get some pay on Friday so we can afford the diesel to get there! LOL

Well, now that I have had a bit of a vent, I am really loosing it tiredness-wise. I am going to try and catch a couple more hours of sleep before I have to go back to the hospital.


  1. Hope she is feeling better. Colds can be nasty for our little ones. Hopefully she's had the worst already.

  2. Oh, Sweetie! Hugs to you! I know life is really the pits sometimes, isn't it? As the mom of six, I totally get the whole kids not pulling their weight thing. Sigh. But, the house can wait. Kicking some kiddy butts can wait. Worrying about money can wait. Getting some rest so you can be strong for your sweet girl can't. Sweet sleep to you, my friend. May the Lord hold all of you in His mighty hand.

  3. Chin up, these rough times will pass. Quickly I hope.