Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Well. We did it. Samara's first year has now ended. This time last year, Samara was just 19 minutes old. I was completely knocked out, and Samara was in NICU on a ventilator.

Now, she is laying in her bed, exhausted after another night of coughing. I am laying on my bed after another night of patting her back and checking her sats.

She really couldn't be bothered with much this morning. Although she did really like her new Elmo Pillow book. She also liked Up, Up Elmo. Not too sure what Dorothy the Dinosaur was. And we haven't given her her swing yet, cos the landlord is fencing in our yard today, so there is nowhere to set it up:(

I am enjoying the quietness of today, knowing that tomorrow we will go from only having 3 girls here, to having 12 when Kerrigh arrives with her 6 girls! Then things are going to be full-on. We have FECS tomorrow, then I am going to meet Kerrigh and the girls at the bus. Friday we have Premmie Playgroup, then the doctors. After that I have to do the grocery shopping for the party, bake the cake, find someone to blow up the helium balloons I bought from the States (here is a picture of the best one!), pray (hard) that the weather will be fine Saturday (the clouds are rolling in at the moment!), make sure all the girls have their Sesame Street Tees ready to wear........I think I may fall into bed at the end of the day! Then Saturday I need to decorate the Elmo cake. Shouldn't be too hard, but it makes a lot of mess - and the kitchen here is a shoebox!

But I am really looking forward to the party. It is going to be such a huge celebration. Because we have so much to celebrate. We have been blessed with such a massive miracle in such a small package! They say the best things come in small packages - and in Samara's case I can really vouch for the truth of that!

Samara's breathing is sounding pretty whistly. I'd better go check her sats......

Til next time........

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  1. Happy Birthday Samara. Hope she feels better and get's over the cough quickly. We are sick now too and I am up with Wysdom as we speak checking his breathing.