Monday, June 22, 2009

Jumping the Gun

Well, tonight, I once again showed my true colours. We looked up the immigration website, and it looked like we were no longer able to apply for Permanent Residency. So I got all upset. I managed to not get to the point of blaming God. That would have been my first reaction not so long ago. But I was mad at the government. And mad at Michael for not applying sooner.

Well, it turns out, that if we get a move on, we can still apply. Well, not until we get our tax money, but believe me, I'll be pushing for our applications to go in ASAP!!

I still have such a LONG LONG way to go. Every time things look dismal, I resort to my old favourite - depression. Well, it's not really a favourite. But it does seem to be a habit or something. I never give things long enough to pan out. And I don't seem to have the ability to say 'who cares, whatever Lord'. It is an area I really need to work on. If Michael gets angry (something that is more frequent than I would like), I invariably think about leaving. If our residency status looks hopeless, I immediately think of going back to NZ. My stickability levels are pretty pathetic really.

Lord, I have so far to go. Please help me to get there.....

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