Saturday, June 6, 2009


Well, we got to Seaworld on Monday, and just barely got back too! We got caught in a traffic jam on the Gateway for about an hour and a half from when we were 15 minutes away! It meant we got to the restaurant half an hour before closing, so they charged us kids prices and threw in free drinks! Anyway, apart from my ankle getting really sore, we had a pretty good day - even though it rained! Here's some of the scrapbook pages I made of the day:Mahalia wasn't allowed to hold Samara while the ride was going, but she was more than happy to pose for a picture afterwards! Samara wasn't impressed when the ride stopped, and tried to rock the horse to get it going again!
Samara was totally transfixed with this stare on her face right through the Sesame St Beach show! It was as amusing to watch her as it was to watch the show! Somehow, I think she will be a fan;) And, don't tell Sara, but I think she was just as excited to get some attention from Ernie as Samara was! LOL
Sara and Mahalia, Renata, Melody, Christiana and Bryanna on the Viking ride. I didn't get to go on any rides:( Well, except the Merry-Go-Round, and the helicopters, which don't count on the thrill scale!) I spent my time looking after Samara, nursing my ankle, and taking pictures!
Thankfully, on the way home, my friend Tracey drove. Considering the time spent in the traffic jam, I am so glad she did! Dinner was nice, but rushed, then we all got home exhausted!
The rest of the week has been a bit slow. I have had a cold all week, so have been laying low. Some of the others have had it too. Just glad that we're not going through it all in NZ, where the weather often meant I got chest infections with my colds!
I am considering getting a sleep study done on Samara. She, like her sisters, seems to be prone to apnoeas. There has been a discussion about them on the Down Syndrome forum, and apparently 60% of DS kids have them. The other night, I found Samara blue around the lips, eyes and nose. Her monitor wasn't alarming, so it took a couple of seconds to click that this was an obstructive apnoea (not central like Sara used to have) and therefore she was moving still. Gave me a bit of a fright when I realised. She has had a few other episodes, but they seem to be getting worse. In my past experience, they have gotten better with time, so Samara is quite different to what I am used too. From what I understand, the other parents have noticed them getting worse with age too. Now I just don't know whether to get on to it now, as she may be able to get help, or to wait until it is worse, and more likely to show in a sleep study. After our experience with Sara, I am worried that she would have a good night on the night of the study, and then we wouldn't be taken seriously. I don't know whether she has good nights and bad nights. Only that she has them. I also don't know if it's every night or not. It's so hard to know what to do. I want to do it when the time is right. Also, it seems that the paeds here don't really take it all that seriously. I have asked the others on the forum what they think, and will try discussing it with our GP first.
Oh, and to make life fun, the girls have got headlice (again!) I am really getting sick and tired of them. There's a couple of girls up the street who keep getting them at school, then passing them around. It's not their fault, but sometimes I don't want Mahalia playing with them or the kids they play with. But what can you do? We are all going through the treatments today, so hopefully we will get rid of them all. Speaking of which, its nearly my turn for the shower.....

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