Monday, June 15, 2009

Home again

Well, after spending a couple of days in the Emergency Ward at the Royal Children's Hospital, we were sent home, with a still sick baby. It had gotten to the point where it wasn't worth the risk of staying. They had several cases of swine flu admitted, and everyone was running around in masks. Here is Samara doing the Jailhouse Sulk.

Samara slept ok last night, but was still having quite a few apnoeas. The hospital dosed her up on steroids before we left, and were hopeful that these would carry her through the worst of it.

Poor Michael spent his 40th birthday at the hospital, and now, today, has woken up with a tummy bug! So he is off work and feeling pretty miserable! Samara has been throwing up a lot over the last few days, so maybe there is more to it than we thought.

Tara, if you are reading this - I hope Simeon is ok, and you are coping with all the drama. We have been so blessed in that Samara doesn't have any significant heart problems. My heart and prayers go out to you.

We have FECS coming out tomorrow to assess Samara for eligibility for Physio, OT and Speech therapies. Because we are not Australian Citizens, we are theoretically not eligible, but they are going to look at it from the angle that Samara was born here, so should get the help. I hope it works! Because she is actually a New Zealand Citizen by Descent, not an Australian Citizen. She doesn't get citizenship here until she is 10. But she does have an Australian birth certificate which is all they have asked to see.

Michaels mum and her hubby are coming over to Australia for a week on Thursday. They are staying down on the Gold Coast, so we are going to go down there for the night on Friday. We will be staying at Seaworld Resort, which will make a change from our usual holidays in caravan parks! Hopefully we don't have any sickies.

I have bought some bits to make a couple of mini scrapbooks for mum and Michaels mum. Now I have to actually go and make them before she gets here. I am thinking I should go and get enough bits to make one for dad and Alicia too. But, annyoningly, 2 of my printer inks have run out, so I need to deal with that too!

I guess I should really go and get on with it.

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