Monday, March 29, 2010

Home and Sick

Well, I can't say our trip to NZ was the happiest, but I am glad we went. The first week was very hard, trying to come to terms with Jes's death. I still have my teary moments, and I guess I always will.

We tried to give the girls some happy memories while we were there. We got to meet my sister Sonia's baby - Jayde. Man, has that child got a good set of lungs! Sonia was horribly jealous of our placid little girl:)

We got to take Alicia out for her 21st (which is actually today, seeing as it is 3am in NZ). I am still baffled as to how I got to be the mother of a 21 year old!!

Sadly we weren't able to stay long enough to see my youngest sister Rachael's baby. She is due on the 5th, so I guess I'll just have to go back! LOL.

Samara had a great time in dad's huge lounge, and got in plenty of crawling practice. She has her own unique technique which involves moving the left leg in the normal way, but then stiffening her right leg and pushing with her foot. But hey, whatever works!! She was a little confused by all the people who seemed to know her, and found it a bit much at times. But, true to form, she loved being the centre of attention.

One of her funnier moments was when her and I were playing with a toy that involved putting some little round (almost ball-like) butterflies into a flowerpot that tipped over and sent them rolling. When one rolled across the floor, I told her to go get it. I repeated "you get it" a couple of times. She set off to crawl across, then stopped. Thought about it for a moment, climbed up on me, then pointed to it going "et it, et it"!

Sara and Renata are enjoying their studies, although Sara is a bit baffled with all the psychology stuff she is doing! They were both really excited to see Samara, and were showing her off to their friends. Of course, who can blame them?!

The other girls were all happy seeing their friends and family, once they got through those first few days. They didn't want to come home, which was a bit of a bone of contention when it came to trying to get them to pack up all their stuff!

I got a sore throat on the Sunday before we came home. It is now Sunday again, and it is still really painful. It is the worst I have ever had, and the antibiotics aren't helping any. We have a rental inspection in the morning, and I have just been curled up in bed most of the time since we came home on Wednesday morning. Hopefully the agents will be understanding of the bombsite!

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