Monday, May 11, 2009

The weekend

Well, I missed out on going to Movie World with the rest of the family, cos I had awful sinus pain. But apparently Samara had the time of her life going on rides and stuff. She got all hyper and tried to tell me about it when she got home. She was babbling away and all excited. It's amazing how good she is at expressing herself!

Sunday was Renata's 16th birthday, as well as mothers day. Renata had entered a competition to win tickets to the Jonas Brothers 3D Experience movie, and won 4 passes. So I took her, her friend Rebecca, Christiana and Mahalia to Chermside Megaplex to watch that, while Michael and I went shopping for scrapbooking stuff (mothers day present!)

Got home to find that Bryanna had taken Samara for a walk to the neighbours in the new dolls pram. She looked so cute!

Today has been a slow one, with me just updating my photography site, and catching up with people online. Samara is a bit tired today. She slept til nearly lunch time! Mind you, she fed heaps and heaps last night! She wasn't particularly keen on doing her physio today either. Didn't even lift her head during tummy time, and just lay there when we were doing the rolling over exercises. Hope she's not coming down with something.


  1. How lovely to celebrate your daughter birthday on mothers day.
    I’ve been waiting for updates on this blog lol not sure why they didn’t come through.

  2. Yeah, it is pretty cool. She was born the day after mothers day too, which meant at least I wasn't in labour when she was born! LOL