Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Random Bits

Today I bought something I have always wanted. A Silver Cross Classic Dolls Pram. Now, you may be thinking I am too old for a dolls pram. But that's why I had so many girls!! And now, with the possiblility that Samara will be into her dolls for ever, I have finally gotten my chance!! I got it off ebay, and will pick it up on Saturday. Now, does anyone know how I can put a smiley of the happy dance on here??!!

Bryanna had a dressing changed on her burnt hand today. It is so horrible to watch. They scrub off all the old skin, and it really hurts her. On the good news front, she is no longer in a splint, and just has a bandage now. It looks like it is healing well, so hopefully she won't need ongoing treatment.

Samara did her first drawing today! Renata gave her a pen and held a pad in front of her. She didn't take long to figure out what was happening! You should have seen her. She was concentrating so hard, and was not amused when it was taken away. I have kept the picture to put in her scrapbook.

I find it totally amazing how quickly Samara catches on to things. She has sussed her musical cot light thing. Within about 10 minutes of getting it, she had learned which button turns it on. Now when she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is leans over and turns it on! The other day we bought her one of those suction cup rattles that sits on the tray of her bumbo seat. She was so funny. She batted at it, then sat back to watch what it did. But it stopped moving as soon as she stopped batting! It didn't play music, it didn't flash lights. She looked at me as if to ask what was wrong with it. I guess you could say she is definately a child of the 21st century! She even tries to get the spoon of whoever is feeding her. It goes straight in her mouth too. She is such a clever wee thing. I find it hard to accept the fact that she is likely to lose that. I am hoping that the Nutrivene D helps to at least reduce the damage she is likely to suffer.

I have been doing a bit of research, and may look at starting her on the Changing Minds protocol. This involves her taking Ginko and Prozac. It is supposed to help build neurons in the brain. I'll have to keep looking into that one. May discuss it with the GP and see what she thinks.

Anyway, the crime shows are starting. Which means I'm outta here!


  1. Oh I love that pram, I’ve always wanted one too, I mean who wouldn’t’?
    That burn sounds nasty, I don’t do well with the changing of dressings… poor little poppet.

    Where are you getting the Nutrivene D? and tell me more about the Ginko and Prozac, do you have links? And {sorry all these questions you’ll be up till 1am again} what do you mean she will loose it? Do you mean if she gets Altimerze

  2. Okay, sorry, I haven't been replying very well! The links I will put up in my next post so it is easy for everyone to see. As for the loosing it, yes I do mean if she gets Altzheimers. Also just because she seems so bright even compared to my other kids. She is not likely to keep learning things so quickly.